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Using the Drupal Quickstart-0.9.1 development environment in vmware Fusion

by Adrian 20th Apr, 2011 @ 12:14

The Drupal Quickstart project is a prepackaged Drupal development environment based on a VirtualBox virtual machine running Ubuntu. It's provided as a portable "Open Virtual Appliance" .ova file. Read more »

DrupalCon 2011 London, dates and venue announced.

by Adrian 22nd Oct, 2010 @ 12:54

Just announced by Tim Millwood:

I'm pleased to announce that Drupalcon 2011 will be in London 21st - 26th August.

"Code is Gold" – Code as metaphor.

by Adrian 25th Aug, 2010 @ 0:34

Prompted by Mark Boulton's Tweet earlier today:

"Talk is Silver, Code is Gold". So, where's design? #drupalcon

Yeah? So where's writing documentation? Where's tech support in the drupal.org forums and on IRC? Where's trawling through issue queues? Where's organising drupal camps and cons? I could go on. I won't. It's all code, even design. Allow me to explain. Read more »

Using drush_make to install the excanvas library for drupal Beautytips module

by Adrian 24th May, 2010 @ 16:42

Beautytips module requires the excanvas library for Internet Explorer support. But it's tricky getting drush_make to download and install the zipped version provided by the excanvas project because there's no containing folder and drush_make seems to expect one. Read more »

A Drupal Planet screensaver for OSX

by Adrian 18th Apr, 2010 @ 11:58

Many moons ago, I used Apple's Quartz Composer to create a screensaver for OSX, featuring our friend the Druplicon and the feed from Drupal Planet.

I thought it was about time I shared it. Read more »

Four tips for developing Drupal under Aegir

by Adrian 19th Feb, 2010 @ 18:17

If you've fallen under the spell of mig5 (aka Miguel Jacq) and moved your Drupal deployment workflow to drush, drush_make, Aegir and git you might have been scratching your head over how to carry over your normal development workflow. Here's four tips to help you along. Note that all commands presume a Debian/Ubuntu style OS. Read more »

CSS sprites using Imagecache and ImageMagick Raw Action module

by Adrian 30th Nov, 2009 @ 16:04

A question in one of the Drupal IRC channels recently reminded me to write about my ImageMagick Raw Action module (im_raw) and its ability to generate CSS sprite style images from uploaded image files. This is not a recipe for a whole site CSS sprite containing all icons and backgrounds used, but a way to process a single uploaded image and append that processed version to the original.

ImageMagick raw action also opens up a wide array of potential visual effects driven by ImageMagick to be used in CSS hover effects in galleries or anywhere else you use imagecache presets. Read more »

Howto install PECL uploadprogress indicator for Drupal on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty)

by Adrian 18th Jul, 2009 @ 22:25

I installed the PECL uploadprogress PHP extension on my Debian Lenny development server for the Drupal filefield module just before Psynaptic's excellent Read more »