TAB fails to put the Wind up Apple

by Adrian 16th Dec, 2008 @ 14:53
Over at Darrell Etherington talks about Realtek’s OSX wifi card drivers for the MSI Wind and suggests that Apple is missing out in the netbook market: In short, Apple, the netbook train is leaving the station, and unless you want to be stuck on the platform holding your luggage, you’d better hoof it and jump on that caboose. But this is a train Apple has chosen not to catch.What are netbooks good for? Lightweight mobile computing – if your fingers are small enough for the cramped keyboard and your eye sight is good enough to use the tiny screen – they can handle e-mail, the web and lightweight gaming. Apple already has two devices available that can do all that: the iPod Touch and the iPhone. And they’re great music players. And they’ll fit in your pocket. One of them is also a phone!Sure netbooks are cheap clean fun if your’re the sort of computer nerd (like me) that likes hacking about with hardware or playing with Linux, but they’re underpowered and cramped. The netbook form factor isn’t a very useable one. The iPod Touch and iPhone easily beat netbooks for useable lightweight mobile computing.Apple has in effect created its own mobile computing form factor, is so far ahead of the competition it barely has any, and bizarrely, half the Apple community doesn’t seem to realise it., now with extra Drupal.

by Adrian 13th Dec, 2008 @ 0:13
Here it is, the obligatory ‘this site is now on Drupal’ post. I’ve merged my neglected Drupal based blog with the main site, redesigned and refreshed the content. It’s taken nearly three years.Why so long? It’s certainly been a busy and tiring three years – I moved house, my second child was born (and preceded to spend his entire first year waking 3 to 5 time a night), and of course every time a new customer project comes along goes on the back-burner. But that’s not why it took so long, really it comes down to project management.Going away from a project for a while and then coming back with fresh eyes is usually a great thing. But being forced to do it repeatedly meant that each time I picked up the project again I was seeing flaws in what I’d done in the previous batch of work. Cue constant redesigns and reworking, regular incorporation of new idea’s and generally breaking project management rules. The blocks (visible at the end of pages like this one) are one of the few elements unchanged since I designed them in 2006 – and also one of the things I like least now!There are still some things on my to-do list, but right now this site is live on Drupal and I’m loving it.

Oh! Vienna!

by Adrian 2nd Feb, 2006 @ 23:18
I finally found a mac feed reader that I actually like. It’s called Vienna. It’s open source and free too. I had been happily using Thunderbird for my feed reading, it’s quite capable in that department, but a dedicated app is always going to be a bit more slick, and Vienna is that. The one downside was that I didn’t particularly like any of the styles available. Soon rectified though, and my shiny new ‘Perlucida’ theme is now available for download from the Vienna site. UPDATE As of March 2006 the Perlucida style is now included as part of Vienna! So no need to download the style seperately, just grab the latest Vienna version.