Fool Rushes In and Creates a Zombie G3

by Adrian 26th Apr, 2004 @ 12:29
Our aging beige G3/233 mac developed a sticky key. Specifically the power on key. So I dove in, took out a hell of a lot of screws. It all looked simple enough. I decided to swap the rubber bit that had broken for one on another key - I consigned the F15 key to history. I put back on the 40 or more screws. I plugged it in. The computer started right away. Odd.Each key press now results in several characters being output, at least for a lot of the keys. Bah. This means I have to shut down the G3 via ssh from my G4 and doing ‘sudo shutdown -h now’, but the keyboard immiediatley starts up the machine…it’s undead! Every time I kill it it comes back!So now I have to yank the keyboard connection out and then issue the shutdown command over ssh just to turn the poor old thing off.Anyone got an Apple ADB keyboard lying around?UPDATE: I got a replacement on e-bay.