, now with extra Drupal.

by Adrian 13th Dec, 2008 @ 0:13
Here it is, the obligatory ‘this site is now on Drupal’ post. I’ve merged my neglected Drupal based blog with the main site, redesigned and refreshed the content. It’s taken nearly three years.Why so long? It’s certainly been a busy and tiring three years – I moved house, my second child was born (and preceded to spend his entire first year waking 3 to 5 time a night), and of course every time a new customer project comes along goes on the back-burner. But that’s not why it took so long, really it comes down to project management.Going away from a project for a while and then coming back with fresh eyes is usually a great thing. But being forced to do it repeatedly meant that each time I picked up the project again I was seeing flaws in what I’d done in the previous batch of work. Cue constant redesigns and reworking, regular incorporation of new idea’s and generally breaking project management rules. The blocks (visible at the end of pages like this one) are one of the few elements unchanged since I designed them in 2006 – and also one of the things I like least now!There are still some things on my to-do list, but right now this site is live on Drupal and I’m loving it.