Dundee and North East Fife NCT

The National Childbirth trust is a charity offering pre and post-natal support to parents. Many local branches had their own sites, this was one of them. Building the site on the Drupal Content Management system allowed me to deliver a site with high functionality at very low cost, and importantly one which the members could update themselves.

In 2006 the charity wisely decided to centralize it's web offerings, providing a space for each branch and tools to manage the content as part of it's main web site. As a result the custom site I built was closed down in early 2007.

I failed to keep a full sized screen shot of the site, so on the right is a copy of the combined header/footer graphic I designed. Loosely based on the figure of a reclined pregnant woman it also resembles the hills of Dundee seen from Fife, and their reflection in the Tay.

Technologies used: XHTML1 transitional, CSS2, Drupal (PHP).

  • Launched: February 2006
  • Status: Closed

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