"Can you build a site using Drupal that will allow people to sign-up for our events online?" asked Hill-Logan, "Yes." was my answer.

Hill-Logan provide a range of services to organisations large and small, public and private. Part of their business involves hosting training events and seminars. The site, hill-logan.co.uk, allows Hill-Logan's clients to register to attend an event, receive reminders via e-mail, and communicate with the organisers. Even better it allows Hill-Logan staff to manage events, contact attendee's and email out relevant information.

Built on Drupal the site uses Signup, Event, Date, Calendar, CCK and Views modules, amongst others, and a custom built Drupal theme.

  • Launched: April 2007
  • Status: Closed

“I love it it is so so so so so so so slick - love it love it”

— Marion Logan

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