Why hire me to build your website?

Save money.

Update your own content. You or your staff can update your site via built in editing tools, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Save time.

Leave the updates to me. Don't have time? No worries, just give me the details and for a small fee I'll update content for you.

Get found.

Good SEO is built in. Your site will be search engine friendly from the outset enhancing its rank in search engines like Google and making it easier for people to find.

What is Drupal?

In short: Drupal is an open source community developed web content management system (CMS); it's software that runs on the web server and handles the management of site content and site users. It's free to use, free to modify and it's used to run tens of thousands of web sites. I use it as a base for most of the web sites I build. You can find out more at drupal.org.

Keep good company.

With a site built on Drupal – if you just thought 'What is Drupal?', read the column on the right – you’ll be in good company: Amnesty, Greenpeace, Sony musicbox, Adobe, Sun, IBM, and Yahoo amongst others use Drupal for all or part of their internet or intranet sites. Dries Buytaert (the creator of Drupal) keeps track of organisations using Drupal.

So whether you know you want Drupal or not, get in touch.

Keep ’em coming back.

Built in feeds keep your customers/visitors up to date with your site and pull them back. Alert them when new content is added, alert them when your sale starts, alert them when a new product is added.

Be understood.

Have better copy. Writing for the web is different – if it's done properly. Web copywriting advice comes free, or I can re-write your site copy for a fee.

Look better, feel better.

Is your site overdue a re-design? Does it look dated? Is it hard to use? Are you losing out to competitors? Need to add user submitted content? Need to add a blog? Get a better web site now, get in touch.

Held to ransom every time you update your site?

I'll build a site that puts you in control. Don't let your web designer get between you and your content. Don't let cost get in the way of updating your site – get in touch.

What do you want?

If you're still reading then it's time to talk. Send me an e-mail, phone me, skype me, instant message me – which ever way you choose please tell me about what you need and want from your web site. I'm here to help, and If I can't I'll point you to someone who can. Please contact me now.